The most intelligent Google Adwords Optimization Tool

Improve your Performance with ProAdly PPC Management Software:

  • Increase efficiency by up to 70%

  • Smartly lower your costs

  • Grow revenues profitably

  • Speed up your AdWords management


Discover how ProAdly improves your Google AdWords performance, lowers costs and saves time in account management.

Google AdWords Management Tool & Software

These features will help you achieve your goals

Improve your ROAS by up to 70%

How will ProAdly help you to smartly lower costs and grow more profitably?

  • Improved Google Shopping profitability through automated bid optimization on every single product.

  • Improve budget spendings through the ad time planner

  • Increased ad group performance through identification, adaption and exclusion of bad keywords.

  • Boost ad performance through continuous optimization using A/B testing

  • Enhanced Quality Scores through coaching and precise improvement suggestions

  • Profitable Growth due to identification & improvement of topseller products and top keywords

Who is behind ProAdly?

10 years of E-Commerce Experience

For 10 years we have been shaping e-commerce as one of the most innovative agencies.

ProAdly is Google Partner

We build one of the Top Google Ads Tools in Germany

Experts for Google Search & Shopping

Our colleagues at Lemundo are certified in Google Search, Shopping, Mobile, Display & Video

ProAdly Advantages

Boost your efficiency

Save money & time with ProAdly - and at the same time boost your performance.

Lower costs & save time

Our intelligent algorythms lower Google AdWords & Shopping costs. At the same time you can save lot’s of time in account management.

Generate growth

We will support you in generating ideas, keywords and campaigns.

start the growth engine

Work on new subjects & target groups, use new tools. We will help you grow – profitably or lightning fast – you’re in control.

Bidding with KPIs

Our performance cockpit puts back control into your hands - simple and clean.

Finally you'll be able to set bids based on KPIs

Aggregated KPIs with dynamic coloring make controlling very easy. Dashboars enable you to report easily – internally and externally.

Educate your team

Showing improvements and giving tips constantly improves your team.

Participate in best practices

Campaign Management is increasingly complex, but time budget limited. ProAdly will constantly provide relevant know-how for you.

#Automated Optimization Suggestions

ProAdly constantly analyses your AdWords account and calculates suitable suggestions and optimizations.

Optimizations are calculated and weighted with the expected impact. Potentials for savings and growth are shown.

Suggestions for optimizations are shown for:

  • Google Shopping bid optimization
  • ad time planner
  • device planner
  • good & bad keywords
  • text ad creation
  • quality scores
  • keywords

Optimization of every single product #Google Shopping Optimizer

ROAS analysis of all products

  • ProAdly will bring up to 70% uplift for your ROAS

Our Google Shopping Optimizer constantly analyses all products and their performance. It identifies underperformers and suggests CPC reductions. For the best products it will evaluate growing the audience. The Optimizer finally enables you to successfully and efficiently manage thousands of products in very little time.

  • great time savings when optimizing Google Shopping

  • identification of underperformers through ROAS analyses

  • bid management for all products

  • analyses of all top performing products to increase their audience

  • filters in order to select suggestions for optimization

  • history enables you to keep track on changes

Who profits from ProAdly’s AdWords Optimization?